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AWI's approach to advancing women is largely based on their passionate pursuit to encourage, educate and empower women to redefine their roles in marketplaces around the world.

AWI provides different learning vehicles to help facilitate this passion such as e-learning courses, workshops, webinars, and lectures.

Transitioning Military Women

AWI is committed to partnering with military transition programs to provide their separating females with a comprehensive learning and development track that addresses the needs most reported by military females entering civilian life.


Established Women-Owned & Women-Led 

According to the State of Women-Owned Business Report, Women-owned businesses continue to grow in capacity and revenue, accounting for $1.9 trillion of our economy’s wealth. However, while there is an increase in growth and revenue, there is still a considerable revenue gap between women-owned businesses and their counterparts.  AWI is committed to forging parity.

Female Industrial Engineer

Nascent Women Entrepreneurs

Stronger women build stronger families, communities, and economies! AWI proudly augments emerging women entrepreneurs through targeted training & development.  

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Entrepreneurial-minded Teen Girls

AWI believes in Bolstering Business Bravery ™ in the consciousness of teen-girls by inspiring and helping them realize their entrepreneurial passions.

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AWI has four premier categories of focus:

  • Transitioning Military Women

  • Established Women-Owned & Women-Led

  • Nascent Women Entrepreneurs

  • Entrepreneurial-minded Teen Girls

Explore AWI's Proprietary Learning Tracks

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